Member Statement (30 March 2006)

Member Statement

From Hansard - 30 March 2006

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Premier’s Annual Address to Regina Business Community

Mr. D'Autremont: — Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Last night the Premier delivered his annual address to the Regina business community. He talked about various issues — education, immigration, taxes. But this year he had something new to share: his dismal population record. The loss of people and jobs threatens the government’s ability to pay for programs and services such as the cancer drug Avastin. Two tiered health is alive and well under the NDP in Saskatchewan.

I wonder if he berated the business community on their plan to take over the most profitable part of the economy as he did in his 2003 campaign fundraising letter. The Premier talked of his resolve when it comes to taxes. The people have certainly seen that resolve. He raised the PST [provincial sales tax] to 7 per cent, and he has had a steely resolve to never lower it again.

He again demonstrated his steely tax resolve by refusing to lower education property taxes on farm land for the last three years. He abandoned his promise until half the RMs [rural municipality] refused to pay the tax to the school boards — a steely resolve to maintain the status quo, a status quo of destructive NDP policies that hurt people, farmers, and children.

When the Premier met with that arch-demon of the NDP, US [United States] Vice-president Dick Cheney, he talked of a lack of confidence. The oil and uranium industries have shown confidence in Saskatchewan, so it must be the Premier who has no confidence. The people of Saskatchewan have confidence in this province because they know they’ll soon be able to choose a new government for Saskatchewan.

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