Member Statement (6 April 2006)

Member Statement

From Hansard - 6 April 2006

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Losing People in the Middle of a Boom

Mr. D'Autremont: — Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I stand today to deliver a message to the Premier and his government from the people of Saskatchewan.

Mr. Speaker, Saskatchewan people are renowned for their strong sense of pride and tenacity. But they are tired of this government’s attempts to lower the expectations of this province’s potential, and sadly, Mr. Speaker, they are voting with their feet. When they hear things like the Premier call himself the wee Premier from the wee province, when they hear the member from Regina Wascana Plains say that Saskatchewan will never grow, or when there is less means more for the rest of us from the member from P.A. Northcote, Mr. Speaker, they are robbed of their pride.

Mr. Speaker, a couple emailed John Gormley and here is what they had to say and I quote:

My wife and I are both medical professionals with over 19 years of postsecondary education, all done here in Saskatchewan. We are young, [we] have a young family, and [we] enjoy our province. Why, then, are we leaving and many like us despite our “hot” economy?

Simple, there is no plan for this province . . .

We have just as many resources in our land, [our] water, and [our] people, but [they] avoid their massive potential . . .

By the way, a 1 or 2% tax break is not going to cut it. Until we see this vision and utilization of our potential, we will continue to vote with our feet and the government should not be surprised as the population continues to decline.

Mr. Speaker, why are we still losing people in the middle of a boom?

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