Member Statement (10 April 2006)

Member Statement

From Hansard - 10 April 2006

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Government’s Attitude to Business

Mr. D'Autremont: — I’m concerned about the member from Nutana’s memory loss. Last week she chirped about the opposition leader’s dinner — a dinner that had twice the number that the Premier’s own event had. She recalled the Progressive Conservatives’ 1982 slogan, the province being open for business. Now I’d like to point out to the Minister of Advanced Education that the 1982 PC [Progressive Conservative] slogan was never mentioned in the Leader of the Opposition’s speech but ironically it was in a news release put out by none other than her NDP government. In fact, Mr. Speaker, in a news release dated March 30 of this year the headline reads, “Open for Business workshops taking place.” And the Deputy Premier is promoting them, Mr. Speaker.

Mr. Speaker, what we find very interesting on this side of the House is how members opposite can remember or even invent things purportedly happening 20 years ago, but they can’t remember NDP statements or promises from even a couple of weeks ago.

And though the member for Nutana mocks the Saskatchewan Party’s plan for innovation and growth, this year’s NDP budget is being deemed by many people as nothing more than Sask Party lite. Well, Mr. Speaker, we don’t need a Sask Party lite. We need the Sask Party because this NDP government has been calling business people corporate hucksters and the like for far too long.

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