Member Statement (16 May 2006)

Member Statement

From Hansard - 16 May 2006

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Upcoming Provincial By-Election

Mr. D'Autremont: — Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I’ve recently had a chance to see a brochure for the NDP candidate in Weyburn-Big Muddy. The brochure asked the question, shouldn’t we be represented by someone who actually lives here? Well that’s an interesting question, Mr. Speaker. Maybe someone could ask the same question of the Premier, the member for Saskatoon Riversdale, who actually lives a couple of hundred kilometres away in Moose Jaw.

And speaking of the Premier, I notice he is completely missing from the NDP brochure. No picture of the Premier. His name is never even mentioned. It’s like he doesn’t exist. It’s quite something. The NDP are so totally embarrassed of their own leader that they leave him completely out of their brochure.

The funny thing is the brochure does mention the Minister of Finance by name, understandable when he gets 12 people out to his meeting compared to the Premier’s supper that couldn’t sell any tickets.

Mr. Speaker, unlike the NDP, the Saskatchewan Party is proud of our leader. And the people of Weyburn-Big Muddy will be seeing a lot of our leader during the upcoming provincial by-election as soon as the Premier calls it. Go ahead and call it.

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