Estimates - SPM (18 May 2006)

Crown and Central Agencies Committee

From Crown and Central Agencies Committee Hansard
18 May 2006

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Estimates for Property Management

Mr. D'Autremont: — Thank you, Madam Chairman. Mr. Minister, and officials, I’d like to welcome you here today. I have some questions for you in relationship to some of your contracting procedures and methods.

I have a questionnaire here that’s used by SPMC [Saskatchewan Property Management Corporation]. It’s called specialty communications services supplier questionnaire. Now what is this form used for? I believe it’s to provide services to SPMC, but is it simply a request to be on the supplier list? Or is it a contract? What is it?

Hon. Mr. Lautermilch: — Madam Chair, if the member could forward us a copy of what he’s referring to, but it very much sounds like a questionnaire that we would be putting out to potential clients of Sask Property Management.

I know on some occasions, they’ve asked what type of services they can provide, what type of services they’d like to see, what kind of changes they would like to see the corporation embark in. If you have more detail, we could perhaps respond in more detail.

Mr. D’Autremont: — I’ll pass on a copy of it. I think I have another one here as well. Yes.

Hon. Mr. Lautermilch: — Madam Chair, this is a document that was . . . it’s no longer in use by the corporation. The corporation doesn’t provide this service. It’s done through Executive Council. But this was the form that was used with respect to photography some time ago, and I don’t have a date for you as to when that might have been.

Mr. D’Autremont: — When was this changed over to Executive Council?

Hon. Mr. Lautermilch: — About five years ago.

Mr. D’Autremont: — That’s interesting because the people who approached me about this did so about six months ago and were still being covered by this particular form. It still seems to be in effect.

So if this form isn’t being used, what form is being used now? And what are the requirements that the suppliers that signed up with SPM to provide services, what kind of a contract are they dealing with now?

Hon. Mr. Lautermilch: — Well I’m told that we don’t do specialty communications services for photography. I can only assume that my officials would have some understanding of what areas of business they embark in.

Madam Chair, I’m told that with respect to photography, in order to ensure that there’s a broader base of photographers used that there is a rotation list of photographers. And when the corporation . . . or not the corporation. When the department requires a photographer, they contact Executive Council and through the list, and a rotation list, they’re informed as to who would be up on the rotation. That’s what I’m told by my deputy.

Mr. D’Autremont: — So this rotation list of photographers, who is then employing them and their services? Is it SPMC? Is it a particular department? Is it Executive Council? Who makes the arrangements for them? This was an application submission to be on SPMC’s list to supply photography services. Who looks after that now?

Hon. Mr. Lautermilch: — Well we don’t have a list because we don’t supply that service. When we require, as a department, a photographer, we would contact Executive Council, as I understand it, and they would tell us who is next on their rotation list. Then that person or that photographer would be contacted, and an arrangement would be made between that photographer, I’m assuming, and the people within the department who do that work.

Mr. D’Autremont: — So SPMC no longer maintains a list of suppliers for these kind of services, and I have the minister’s assurance then that this is all done from Executive Council.

Hon. Mr. Lautermilch: — I’m told that the photography services are done and the list is done and compiled through Executive Council. That is to the best of my knowledge how the process works. It’s not done within the department.

Mr. D’Autremont: — So any submissions to be on that list or any contracts resulting from that are done through Executive Council.

Hon. Mr. Lautermilch: — Madam Chair, I’m told that there is a communications procurement branch within Executive Council that manages the list, that compiles the list, and if anyone is interested in being added to the list that it would be that branch within Executive Council that should be contacted. Now I can undertake to find out specifically who might be in charge of that, what the contact numbers would be, email, phone number, and so forth. We don’t have that at our disposal here today.

Mr. D’Autremont: — So since these forms were forms that were used in the past by SPMC and SPMC no longer deals with this issue, does that mean anyone who signed these particular forms and submitted them, that these forms are no longer valid than any . . . their signatures on there are no longer valid, that these contracts are null and void?

Hon. Mr. Lautermilch: — It would appear, Madam Chair, that if this form is to be submitted, it would be to communications services, room 130, 3085 Albert Street, Regina. That’s on, I guess, on the top of this list or the top of this supplier questionnaire.

Mr. D’Autremont: — Who is resident at 3085 Albert Street? What office is that?

Hon. Mr. Lautermilch: — Well I wouldn’t be aware of who that might be. I mean I can respond to the department, the people who work within the department, the addresses out of which they work, and I’ve indicated to the member that this is not our form. It is not within the purview of the work that Property Management does, and so I can’t answer with any degree of certainty as to who that might be. I don’t know that.

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