Member Statement (19 May 2006)

Member Statement

From Hansard - 19 May 2006

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Attributing Blame

Mr. D'Autremont: — Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Over the course of this session, we have seen many examples of people being left behind by this NDP government. But instead of taking responsibility and fixing the problem, they pull out the NDP blame thrower and fire away at the first target they can find. We in the Saskatchewan Party are used to the NDP blaming us for their problems, but this session they came up with new and more creative targets to blame.

Yesterday the Minister of Highways was blaming winter and the Crow rate for the crumbling highways. It was the fault of the rural municipalities that they weren’t paying to fix for the roads.

The Minister of Health concocted some bizarre logic to blame Bill Boyd for the problems in health care. As well, he was blaming the health districts, the federal government, and even the patients.

The Minister of Finance blamed the school boards for teacher cuts and property taxes. And he was blaming the oil industry for creating the property tax increase in 61 of the old divisions.

The bottom line is, it’s never the NDP’s fault — always someone else. This NDP government is the worst possible example of irresponsible government of any government practising responsible government.

Mr. Speaker, these are just a few of the times that the NDP have once again tried to weasel out of their responsibility to the people of Saskatchewan. But just as the immortal Homer Simpson once said:

Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It’s what separates us from the animals . . . except the weasel.

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