Heritage Property

Heritage property information comes from Directory of Provincial and Municipal Heritage Property in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan has 40 Provincial Heritage Properties and about 750 Municipal Heritage Properties. Cannington has 19 heritage properties listed below that can be accessed in the agove mentioned directory.  Unless otherwise indicated, all properties listed below are Municipal Heritage Properties:

  1. Wood/Gibson Residence (Alameda)
  2. Arcola Town Hall
  3. Arcola Court House
  4. Arcola Land Titles Office
  5. Law Office Building (Arcola)
  6. Pharmacy Building (Arcola)
  7. Holy Trinity Anglican Church (Carievale)
  8. Rabeau Building (Carnduff)
  9. Christ Church (Gainsborough)
  10. Stone Church on Whyte Street (Heward)
  11. Manor Museum
  12. Greer Block (Oxbow)
  13. 315 Main Street (Stoughton)
  14. Royal Bank of Canada Building (Wawota)
  15. Wawota's Original Fire Hall
  16. Reynolds Stone House (RM of Argyle)
  17. Taylorton Cemetery (RM of Coalfields)
  18. Moose Creek United Church and Cemetery (RM of Moose Creek)
  19. Bekevar Church (RM of Hazelwood)
Christ Church at Gainsborough
(Photo Courtesy Sask Municipal Heritage Directory)