Legislative Report
(16 February 2012)

Long Gun Registry Over

Whoopee!!! Finally the long gun registry is done. Parliament passed the 3rd and final vote on Feb 15, 2012. This has been a long struggle, 17 years worth. It could be said that the gun control fight in Canada has defined my interest and career in politics.

I started down this road in 1976 when Pierre Trudeau and Warren Allman brought forward the first attempts at draconian firearms legislation. I wrote many hand written letters with no response from the Liberal Government. Those of us opposed to the proposal managed to reduce some of the worst excesses in that Legislation.

Fast forward to 1994 and Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien and his infamous C-68, The Firearms Act., which would criminalize all firearms ownership in Canada. On April 26, 1994 the late Bill Neudorf, MLA for Rosthern moved the following motion, seconded by Don Toth, MLA for Moosomin. “That this Assembly recognize the importance of firearms to the daily lives of farmers, hunters, trappers and aboriginal people, the accomplishments of Saskatchewan shooting teams at the international level as well as the other important sporting and economic benefits of firearms, and that therefore this Assembly urge the government to support in principal the continued right of residents of Saskatchewan, both urban and rural, to enjoy the lawful, safe, and responsible use and ownership of firearms, including rifles, shotguns, and handguns, in the province of Saskatchewan.”

After the debate in which a number of members including myself spoke in favor of the motion, the Assembly held a recorded vote, the count was 37 for the motion, 0 opposed, all of the NDP government members and all opposition, P.Cs and Liberals voted in favor of the motion and against C-68 the Federal Liberals Firearms Act.

It has been a long hard struggle by the firearms community to change government in Ottawa. They suffered through 5 years of minority government where the Federal Liberal and NDP members refused to allow changes to the Firearms Act. It was not until the formation of a majority Conservative government that the repeal of the long gun registry could be affected.

There are still a number of irritants in the Firearms Act, but a large segment which made honest firearms owners into criminals simply by owning firearms is gone. Halleluiah!

I would like to thank all those who helped and aided in this struggle. Especially the local gun clubs and wildlife federations, people like Garnet Ball, Alida, Sandy Burnett, Redvers and Gus McMaster, Carlyle. It is because of the team effort and money from all the dedicated individuals that this issue did not die and a government could be elected which was prepared to keep its word and repeal the Long gun registry and eliminate the data base.

Thank You All.

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