Legislative Report
(25 February 2012)

Senator Pamela Visits Cannington

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by the organizers of the Moose Mountain Ag Day to escort Senator Pamela Wallin to Arcola. I was pleased to help out as it gave me a chance to attend Ag Day and to spend 6 hours with Senator Wallin or as was soon the case, Pamela.

Pamela is very down to earth and humble, just what you would expect of any Saskatchewan person no matter their accomplishments. Being politicians and Parliamentarians we had very interesting discussion on world affairs, national and provincial politics as well as legislative process. I am always amazed at the work being done by Senators as we generally hear nothing about their work. While a few Senators are there for the status, the name or the pay and perks, most are there to serve and work hard doing so. Pamela Wallin is one of those that work very hard.

Ag Day was a great success in Arcola. Mark Neuman stated it was the largest to date. There were people and producers from across the entire region. The show featured new and innovative production methods as well as covering other issues impacting agriculture today and into the future. As an area strong in livestock, cereals, pulses and oilseeds, innovation and future markets are extremely important. While the Bakken Oil play is very huge in the area, agriculture continues to be one of our main economic activities.

We arrived at Arcola early for supper so we toured both Arcola and Carlyle. This gave the Senator a chance to see the changes and the boom in our area. On display were the new subdivisions, new businesses and particularly the new hotels in our communities.

We talked of all the new business opportunities, new jobs and new people. Particularly the need for more people to fill those new jobs. The new opportunities and jobs could be filled by local people, Canadians immigrating to Saskatchewan or immigrants from off shore. One of the biggest complaints I heard during the election was not enough workers and not enough housing for the new employees.

The Feb 22 issue of the National Post had an article about Toronto and Ontario young people not being able to find jobs. The solution is to do what Saskatchewan kids did for 50 years, move to where the jobs are! I know this is a hard concept for Ontario to accept but Saskatchewan and Newfoundland youth have done it and made good lives for themselves and now they are returning back to their roots for good jobs. We welcome all new people to Saskatchewan be they returnees, other Canadians or immigrants, all we ask is that they be Riders Fans.

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