Legislative Report
(15 March 2012)

New Lieutenant Governor

Vaughn Solomon Schofield a successful Regina based Business woman has accepted the very prestigious honour of being named Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan. Replacing Mr. Gordon Barnhart, Mrs. Schofield will be installed with her official duties on March 22, 2012.

The honours are presented at official ceremonies which will take place at the Provincial Legislative Assembly in Regina. At the event the Lieutenant Governor’s presence is marked by the Lieutenant Governor’s standard consisting of a blue field bearing the shield of the Arms of her Majesty in right of Saskatchewan surmounted by a crown and surrounded by ten gold maple leaves, symbolizing the ten provinces of Canada.

Within Saskatchewan, the Lieutenant Governor follows only the sovereign in the province’s order of precedence, preceding even other members of the Canadian Royal Family and the Queen’s federal representatives. Lieutenant Governors of Saskatchewan are also honoured in official portraits collected together in the dedicated Qu’Appelle Gallery in the Saskatchewan Legislative Building. These ceremonies are just one amongst hundreds of other engagements that the Lieutenant Governor partakes in each year, either as a host or a guest of honour.

The Lieutenant Governor is vested with a number of governmental duties and responsibilities as well as various ceremonial roles. The office of the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan came into being in 1905, upon Saskatchewan’s entry into Canadian Confederation and evolved from the earlier position of Lieutenant Governor of the Northwest Territories. The first female Lieutenant Governor of the province was Sylvia O. Fedoruk in 1988.

The Lieutenant Governor is appointed by the Governor General on the Prime Minister of Canada’s advice. The Lieutenant Governor, therefore posses all the formal, prerogative and discretionary powers exercised by the Monarchial, the Governor General. These include the duty to open, pirogue and dissolve the Provincial Assembly, to assist to (or withhold assent from) provincial legislation and Orders- In -Council and to give prior approval to money bills. The Lieutenant Governor also has the responsibility to select the provincial premier and at last resort to dismiss a government.

Mrs. Schofield has been very active in the community. I have met Mrs. Schofield in her capacity as Honorary Lieutenant Colonel of the 16th Saskatchewan Service Battalion. She was also very active as the Chair of the Canadian Forces Liaison Council, Which supports Armed Forces Reservists. Mrs. Schofield was instrumental in getting many industries including the government to insure that the employment of Reservists who serve abroad is protected. When a Reservist serves abroad it is important their at home employment remains available to them when their service is completed.

Mrs. Schofield has a demonstrated record of service to Saskatchewan and her community. She will be an excellent Lieutenant Governor and I wish her every success in her new role.

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